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Killen & Acssociates can advise you on the legal and regulatory issues that are specific to the information technology, and e-commerce industries. Whether you are a solo software developer, a tech start-up, an IT vendor or an e-commerce company we can assist you. Even if you are merely a purchaser of Information Technology, or are planning on entering into a supply contract, development agreement, or licence there is value on obtaining legal advice.

Information Technology is a technical and business. It’s a business that we understand and are as passionate about as you are. What this means for you is that, as well as understanding your business, the technical issues and unique terminology, we are familiar with key contractual requirements which can help to avoid disputes.

We can advise you on a broad range of IT transactional contracts and matters, including:

•    Protection and exploitation of intellectual property
•    Software licence agreements
•    Webwrap licences
•    Open-source licences
•    General Public Licence (GPL)
•    Software support agreements
•    Shrinkwrap licences
•    Clickwrap licences
•    Software trial agreements
•    Software development agreements
•    Equipment purchase agreements
•    Equipment maintenance agreements
•    Systems integration and software integration agreements
•    Facilities management agreements
•    Outsourcing agreements
•    Non-disclosure (confidentiality) agreements
•    Privacy
•    Consultancy agreements
•    IT analysis agreements
•    Security agreements
•    Internet service provider agreements
•    Website and portal development agreements
•    Teaming agreements
•    Multimedia development agreements

Our Principal, David Killen, who before embarking on a career in law worked in software development and IT management, would be only too happy to sit down with you and discuss your requirements and how we may be able to help you.